We are four care professionals with over 100 years of combined experience within day service and adult

social care. Here at ‘Your Day-Your Say’ we specialize in the day care of those with learning disabilities.

Before coming together to create our business, we had all worked for local government.

We are professional and passionate about what we do and to that end we embraced the opportunity to start

our own business offering affordable, quality daytime support to people with learning disabilities within Boston

and its surrounding area.

We feel sure that the service we offer will not only benefit the individual concerned, but that it will also provide

support to both family members and carers alike.

Our business is called ‘Your Day-Your Say’ - that is our philosophy and work ethic.

Registered Office: Len Medlock Centre, St. George’s Road, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 8YB.  Registered in England. Company Registration: 08421508 Tel: 01205 355255  Mobile: 07745 223404  E-Mail: yourday-yoursay@hotmail.com © 2020 Your Day-Your Say Ltd.  All Rights Reserved				Quality day time service and support for adults with learning disabilities


Bev, Carol, Donna and Vicki